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The company pursues high standard manufacturing and qualified products. In 2005, all the products had passed the quality system certification of ISO9001:2000. In 2007, Automatic Blister Packing Machine and Automatic Capsule Filling Machine passed the CE certification and entered European market. Depending on the stable and lasting capabilities, our products are well known to international market such as Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Kuwait, South Africa, Egypt, Vietnam, Malaysia, India, Australia, Korea, Canada and European Union etc.



How to create product value for customers? First, as the pharmaceutical preparation technology is complicated, the pharmaceutical machine should be equipped with diverse functions. Second, whether a pharmaceutical equipment is a high-quality machine depends on whether it can meet with use requirement and GMP requirement, and prevent and control environmental pollution. Experts say, the pharmaceutical equipment enterprises can create more value in terms of product function, appearance and structure, material selection and machine validation.


If relevant companies want to lower drug production cost so as to make more advanced pharmaceutical equipment popularized, they should take advantage of industrial trend. For example, good automatic production equipment can not only reduce safety risk and achieve safe production, but also lower loss, reduce material waste and improve drug production efficiency.


As the saying goes, “true gold does not fear fire.” Whether a pharmaceutical equipment is of high quality should not be judges by price, but by value. In light of diverse and complicated drug demand and increasingly fierce market competition, pharmaceutical equipment enterprises need to create value for customers with more and better products.

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